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Similar harmonies

posted Aug 30, 2009, 4:04 AM by Matteo Risoldi   [ updated Aug 30, 2009, 4:14 AM ]
Two songs I adore are "Toi" by the late French group "La Tordue", and "Sally's song" from Tim Burton's film "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (by Danny Elfman).
The reason I like them is they have a peculiar harmonic sequence, which touches me a lot. Funny thing is, they have the _same_ harmonic sequence. I would have guessed they are actually the same music with a few tempo and melody adjustments.

I have always been curious about this - I can find no references to Elfman work in Toi's credits, and vice-versa. Do the authors even know about each other's songs? I wonder if anyone knows what's behind this - coincidence seems improbable to me, as this is far from being a classic harmony you could copy just by pure chance. Unfortunately La Tordue's website is long gone (the group dissolved a few years ago) and I have no idea how to contact Elfman to ask (also I don't want to stir shit, so maybe I would not do it anyway).

Here's a couple of clips from the two songs for reference (fast forward to 18 seconds for Toi and 38 seconds for Sally's song):


Sally's song