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Italy is now more evil

posted Jul 3, 2009, 6:50 AM by Matteo Risoldi
Italy just passed a law defining clandestine immigration as a crime. Foreseeing jail for immigrates, and those who house them.
I am ashamed. I feel that as an Italian I owe an excuse to the world for my people bringing this evil to surface.
Adirano Sofri wrote today an article (titled like this post) on Repubblica.it, which I translate here below. It summarizes well what civil people feel about this.

Rephrasing Pietro Nenni ("From today we are all more free"), the government yesterday declared us all "more safe".
Since yesterday, we are all more unsafe, more hypocrites and more evil. Unsafe and hypocrites, because we live better also thanks to the humble, and often humiliating, work of "the others". Nurses for old people and housekeepers and baby sitters, are what we have of more precious (and prostitutes, which take care of different bodily needs). Workers who establish new records of deaths on the job. And we call them criminals, and point our fingers at them in fear.

There are hundreds of thousands people waiting for their immigration to be legalized, depending on the immigration decrees. In the meantime, our daily lives are based on their work. You just have to see their applications in police stations to know all about them: name, surname, place of work and address, name and address of who gives them work.

The law, some will object, wants to hit new immigrates, not those who are already inside. This is simply not true. The law can and will hit the masses. It is an anticostitutional law, not only against the Italian Constitution but against every possible way of conceiving human rights. It punishes a birth condition - being a foreigner - instead of a crime. It declares as a crime this birth condition. Can you feel safer when you are obliging such a large and innocent part of society to hide and be afraid? When people of foreign nationality  are afraid of going to a hospital to record a birth, to see social services, or to address themselves to institutions (including the police) which should sustain them if they are victims of skin trade? When foreigners are afraid, as it happens already says a volunteer working in jails, Rita Bernardini, to go see their relatives in prison because they are afraid to be arrested themselves? The tear this law and its psychological and propagandistic effects have made in our daily lives will only increase the clandestinity - source of criminal interests - of all social relationships of foreigners. Is it also a racist law?

We are playing with words too much, while the facts are running. Races don't exist, racists do. This law takes fake marriages as an excuse to prosecute mixed-race marriages. It prosecutes maniacally the unity of families. It fixes for foreigners without a residence permit a fine which is grotesque in its amount - 5 to 10 thousand euros. It's laughable. To add insult to injury, there is jail. Prison up to three years for those who let a room for rent to a foreigner without a permit. Big laughs. Prison also - three years too - to those who insult a public officer: the most typically fascist and arbitrary of accusations. What about prison for those who have committed no crime apart from setting foot on Italian ground? Now that jails are playfully called "Centers for identification and expulsion", you can be locked in for six months. Six. Months. For setting foot.

We've spoken more than enough about private citizens patrols. After all they went back to be what they were in the original intention: patrols open to any future, including providing them with an attire and symbols of nazism admirers.

All of this already happened. Every detail of this repressive fury has been refused and put aside in past months, often by the same member of the current majority. These same laws have been repeatedly refused in this same parliament. But it was enough to wait, put everything back together and impose a trust vote to triumph. A rejoycing of green ties, worn by ministers and non ministers alike, plus a few berlusconized post-fascists (because it's not true that berlusconism is going towards fascism - it is fascism that is going towards berlusconism).
The political moral is clear. The Berlusconi government was already endangered by the Northern League. Now, a prime minister, tired by many brave nights and dinners with judges, is simply ratifying the League's program. But the Catholic church, some will object, repeated again yesterdau its uttermost refusal of the crime of immigration, its mistrust for patrols and for the brutal spirit that pushes this idea of safety forward. But while Berlusconi is politically blackmailed, not everybody can blackmail him with the same power. The League can, pontifical commissions can't - at least, not those who remember that christians are foreigners.

One last detail: jails. Never in our history we had gone near the current number of inmates: 64 thousands. They sleep on the floor, they live on top of each other. The law will fill their cubicles even more. Experts have raised their voice in vain: "jails are exploding, we have to fear a return of prison violence, a summer of riots". Maybe. But it should not be riots - which won't come, because the humanity crushed in jails is not even capable of rioting anymore - we should fear and be ashamed of. It should be a question of their lying one on top of the other. Foreigners on top of foreigners. The question if these are men.

Original text in Italian.