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Cellular electromagnetic waves make you an imbecile...

posted Jun 14, 2009, 4:36 AM by Matteo Risoldi
...when you talk about their dangers.

For some reason I don't understand, in this age it seems to be cute to say "oh, I don't understand anything about science".
There is nothing cute. I also don't understand anything about a lot of things, but I wish I did. I surely don't go around bragging about how I am not interested in knowing something.

Also, it seems socially acceptable to not know a thing about science and still speak about subjects which, with a minimum understanding of the world we're in, are absurd.

I was reading on the net that some guy invented a new type of headphones for the iPhone. These consist in a minuscule speaker which plugs directly into the phone jack, and an hollow tube leading the sound from this speaker to your ears. This way, you have no electrical connection to the phone at all through which "waves" could be conducted to your brain. This trinket costs 30 dollars. Its inventor says these are especially recommended for the iPhone -- he says this phone is more dangerous than the others, because of the "data waves" it emits. I am personally convinced that there must also be a gremlin living inside iPhones, and that it comes out at night and suffocates babies.

I say, the imbeciles who waste 30$ in this gadget deserve to lose that money. People are so worried about "waves" frying their brain, yet they still do not perform a quick search on the internet or ask a doctor about it to understand what the matter really is.

Cellular "waves" don't do anything. For a main reason: power.
They don't have enough power to heat your brain, let alone give you cancer. To give cancer, a radiation must be "ionizing". This is the type of radiation you get from radioactive material. A phone only emits microwaves. And while microwaves can cook an egg in your oven, that is because your oven has a 400W-800W power or more. A phone will have only a few Watts (and could not have more, due to its small batteries).

Drinking a glass of water does not hurt you. Drinking 10 liters can kill you. The same goes for electromagnetic radiation in phones and other electric apparel: they're so weak, you're hugely more likely to die in a car accident.
Which could be caused by you speaking on the phone while driving, but that's totaly another story.