Connect to the UniGE VPN network from an iPhone

Accessing the VPN network enables you to see pages which are only available to the University's personnel. However, the university only provides a VPN client for desktop machines and for a limited number of mobile platforms. However, the VPN client's settings will also work from an iPhone if entered correctly.

To configure a VPN connection on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the phone's Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN
  2. Add a new VPN configuration
  3. Select the IPSec button
  4. Give a description (e.g. "UNIGE")
  5. Server: or
  6. Account: your UniGE username (the same you use for Shibboleth or webmail)
  7. Password: your password, or leave it empty to have the iPhone ask for it every time
  8. Group name: ask the UniGe helpdesk here
  9. Secret: ask the UniGe helpdesk here
  10. Proxy: no

Now, save the configuration, and flip the switch that activates the VPN. Enter the password if need be, and voilà, you're connected. This works also over 3G. Be sure you don't forget to deactivate VPN after you're done, or all of your data will go through the university!

Incidentally, the same kind of configuration works for OS X's built in VPN client.